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Home Extensions in Central London

home extension

At Salamon Construction we specialise in home extensions in Central London high-end properties.

It is important that that the homes that we live in reflect our daily needs.  As our lives get busier and maybe the need to work from home is a must, or you have a growing family, your home should be able to change around your needs.  Often we find that our customers do not wish to move and home extension is a great option.  Especially so when living in London where space is at a premium.  We can work with you to maximise the space in your home.  

We have great experience as home extension builders, with a great team at our disposal, extensive knowledge of contemporary as well as classic home extension forms, and access to the latest tools and technology. We can work with your chosen architect, or you could work with one of our recommended suppliers to create a new layout for your home.

If you own a London property, choosing a home extension can help to increase the value of your property and enhance your lifestyle. Thus, once you contact us, our experts will come up with home extensions in Central London that you will simply love.

Contact Us Today on 01582 513 537 to book a free assessment of your building project

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